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Harvey Leach

The best icon pack I’ve ever used, excellent quality and goes well with any theme!


Lokki really hit it out of the park with this icon pack. I’ve never experienced the visionOS icons in person but these are so clean that I just had to have them and see how they looked. Removing the text under the icons just adds to the clean look too and I’m really happy with how they make my Home Screen look. Great work


Great icons!


Awesome icon, thanks for your work


I love these new icons! It suits my phone very well. Highly recommended!

X. Solsken

This icon set breathed new life into my iPhone and made me love it again. All it needs is a few more icons and my whole home screen will be replaced. I'm a language learning nut so I'm hoping eventually Drops, Memrise, and Babbel will get such stunning icons as Duolingo has. Keep up the amazing artistry!

Francis Jones

Wonderful icons, friendly developer! 👍

David C.

Absolutely love this icon pack. I can tell it was meticulously crafted well 🤯😎🤩

Aris Gousiopoulos

This is must have been one of the best things I have ever purchased. The quality of the app icons are amazing! Super smooth and 3d looking! I also love the widget! ~⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, Aris


Great icons and widget! Also, Lokki has been extremely helpful in helping me upgrade my tier. Thank you!


The best icon pack, exceptional work provided ! 🔥

Juan Pagan

Best icons I’ve seen so far definitely something apple should implement in the future

Emil Repmann

The Icons are very pleasing to the eye. The Wallpaper is amazing too. I am really keen on adding the coming Widgets to my Home Screen!


Cool and awesome theme

Sandro M.

Love the designs. Looks very clean. Definitely works the best with a light background. Less with a darker one. Great work, thank you! :D


I like Vision iOS !!! This is a realy great job. Need other icôns but i think it’s for next update.

Roy Bibbs

Beautifully rendered icons, among the best I’ve ever had in fact, along with the provided wallpaper and exclusive widgets truly jailbreak theme quality, highly recommended 👍🏽

James Poposki

These are some very nice icons! Best I’ve used so far. Keep up the good work mate


The effort and dedication to this project are mind blowing. The icons are beautifully and consistently designed and the widgets very well thought out! I’ve never been a fan of anything other than stock iPhone look, but this changes it, even when the downsides of using custom icons (quick actions on force press and lack of badges). Totally worth the top tier!


Great icon pack! I was expecting a few of my apps to not have icons but was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of them (minus 2) had icons in this pack. I'm still experimenting with my home screen layout, but have settled on this for now.


I bought the exclusive pack, the icons are beautifully done and the widgets are clean.


Looks so clean. Great work Lokki 🔥

Alexi Angel Plaza

🤟🏻💪🏻 excelente

Yosef Katz

The VisionOS icon pack is by far the best looking icon pack out there!


Look Amazing. Great work. Do need a few applications. Can’t wait to have those added to complete the set up I want. This is what I have now for my 15 Plus.


Amazing icons! Great work!


The icons look clean and its feel premium


Premium icons with great design taste.


Great icons. Makes my home screen super clean.


Awesome and perfect work


Really reactive with new apple updates. Really good ! Can't wait for widgets !

Chris Morales

Sleek icons! Made my setup look up to date! So far I love them!


Super high quality pack! I can’t wait for all the new icons to come.


My lockscreen looks amazing with this. Good quality and good price. I love how it contrasts with the orange of the numbers!


This icons is one of the best icons ever made . I love them . I can use in everyday setups . Big thanks and keep them coming ❤️

Todor Chelebiev

Top best icons and widgets. Thanks

Matt Campbell

Absolute amazing theme!! So clean and well made!! Worth every penny

Ivan Rosales

I absolutely love this icon pack; it perfectly captures its intended essence. Achieving an incredible aesthetic and clean design.

Anıl Özgen

He helped me a lot and took care of me. The theme is incredible. Thank you for everything 🤞

Matt Called

This theme is something else!! Absolutely love it!! Thank you


Fantastic icon pack, beautifully done. Looks amazing!

Sean Alderdice

Love these icons, they are so artfully made!


I always wanted to change my setup icons but configuring them one by one using shortcuts always stopped me from doing it but this changed when i saw these Vision iOS icons i couldn’t resist them also the funny thing is that i really enjoyed configuring them using shortcuts! That’s how hyped i was to use these beautifully designed and crafted icons. Don’t wait just buy them and enjoy them.


Very beautiful icons, it gave my iPhone 15 Pro an amazing new look.

Jörg Scholz

Best icon Pack ever




Super cool, love it!

Zaw Win Naing

My Minimalist Home Screen Definitely Looks Nice with Lokki’s Darkest Theme


Dope Icon Pack! Keep grinding!


All the icon widgets are so pretty.

Vinamra Tripathi

The moment Lokki revealed this icon pack I could clearly see how refined the product looked and I made my decision to purchase the product upon release. Well, just purchased it and I can definitely say this is one of the best looking icon packs out there.

Jonathan Wong

Nice dark theme and widgets! Worth every penny! Highly recommended

Juan Esquivel

100+ icons and counting! Best value!

Phuong Thuy

VisioniOS looks not only awesome but also aesthetic. Your iPhone with VisioniOS looks really amazing under the sunshine. You may not want to miss this awesome theme

Todor Tschelebiev

Your best man 🔥🔥✌️

Gabriel L

The visionOS app icons are so surreal, they feel glassy and really smooth. The icons have this perfect feeling of quality and simplicity. There are so many icons in the full pack, you can’t miss an app. Amazing work!


Awesome graphics original icons Love it ✌🏼

Simon Poitevin


Alex Holland

Awesome icons! I've resisted using custom app icons until I saw this pack, but now my Home Screen has an amazing VisionOS-inspired aesthetic. The icons are beautiful and have obviously had lots of time and love spent on them, and most major apps are covered. I almost want to start using Google apps just to use the icons :).


The whole set of icons is very beautiful and I can't get enough of my iPhone after installing it. I hope the developer can update more app icons.


Amazing icons! I've never actually customized my iOS icons, but I saw these and immediately liked them. I would rate it 4.5 stars because at the moment some of my favorite apps don't have an icon yet. However, there is an app icon request form so I'm hoping that problem will go away in a few weeks.


These icons (and wallpapers) complete the look I wanted for my iPhone; just simply clean. Definitely recommend these! I also requested some icons and within the next day, some were available and surely the others will come soon.


Nice look, feels fresh and contemporary. I would be happy if iOS18 looks like this too ;)


it’s totally worth the price! insane work, bro!

Jack Fletch

I never use alternative icons, but after seeing this pack, I jumped straight into getting them. Home screen looks super clean, thank you 🙏🏼


It's beautiful work

Jose Sánchez-Colomer

Great job!

Evan Divines